FRE NorthEast is your master distributor of quality FRE® fiberglass conduit products, serving the electrical construction industry and wholesale distributors of electrical products for contractors. You can order the highest quality fiberglass conduit manufactured by FRE Composites for fast delivery anywhere in the Northeast United States from our large inventory at very competitive prices. Learn about FRE® fiberglass conduit and why it's your best alternative to steel and PVC conduit, and how it will save you time and expense in electrical construction.

FRE Composites is the inventor of filament wound fiberglass reinforced epoxy (FRE®) conduit and lighting poles. Founded in 1958 as a division of Canadian General Electric and now an independent corporation, FRE Composites is the innovator for precise manufacturing of composite products for the telecommunications and electrical construction industry.

FRE NorthEast is an independent wholesale distributor of FRE® products located in Boston, Massachusetts. Our customers include many of the leading distributors of electrical products for the electrical construction, utility and transit industries. There is a difference in fiberglass conduit. FRE Composites is the first in the field. Service and quality is what distiguishes FRE NorthEast. We value Distribution. Let us prove it to you.