• Pipes
    A complete line of below ground fiberglass conduit products
    designed for either direct burial or encased burial.
  • Montreal construction
    Better, safer, more economical and longerlasting than PVC,
    coated steel and rigid galvanized steel conduit.
  • Golden Gate Bridge
    Designed to meet high mechanical requirements
    and advanced product longevity.


A longlasting alternative to pvc, hdpe and
other types of rigid conduits

Lighter than PVC, does not release bromine or chlorine and is very low on halogene. Considerably lighter than steel and won’t ever corrode due to its nature. We offer complete FRP conduit systems from ¾ - 8" for multiple different use.

Fiberglass Reinforced Epoxy Conduit Systems


We like to refer our products to RTRC (Reinforced Thermoset Resin Conduits) since we specialize in conduit systems. The process used in the making of our products gives our conduits and fittings a very solid structure while being much lighter than its steel competitors. You not only save costs on man power and shipping charges, you can avoid large price premiums for coatings and treatments against corrosion since not a single of our product will ever corrode due to its nature. That’s just one of the features we offer to the market. Under every product section, you will find various different features, advantages over competition and technical data.